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Stress and Appearance – Turn Back the Sands of Time
by Juanita A. Davenport

What is the largest organ in the body? If you answered the
skin, you’re right!

Also did you know that women’s skin
seems to age more easily than men’s do because women’s skin
is thinner? The biggest aging factor that damages the skin
and causes wrinkles are smoking, free radicals, and excess
sun injury. We can reduce the exterior influences as well
as our internal wellness and thinking for healthier skin.

It is well known in the mental health field that stress is
a major cause of sickness and disease.
Emotional stress may
be caused by situations in your childhood where you could
not express your frustrations and it has carried over into
your present life. When we can reduce stress in our lives
then we can improve our natural radiance and health. Money
cannot buy natural health in a bottle, yet.

Repressed frustration, anger, bitterness, and judgments
about your job, your relationships (or lack of a
relationship), or even the world situation cause stress at a
deep level in the muscle tissue. This could be a major
reason for the body to put on wrinkles and lines in the face
or even the beginnings of the disease called Fibromyalgia.
The stress of repressed frustrations is often under many
name brand diseases.

Four ways to reduce stress are:

  • breathing deeply, do some
  • kind of meditation, exercise, and
  • Reiki energy clearing.
  • One of the most well known practices is TranscendentalMeditation or as it’s commonly called “TM” has give considerably positive results in some peoples’ appearance, longevity, health and well-being. Try working in the garden as a grounding and distressing activity.

Anytime you connect with your inner being (your higher
self) you are helping establish a sweet relationship with
the health and appearance of your body.

To summarize, getting a full night’s sleep is essential to
beauty and good health. It is optimal to go to bed at the
same time every night. When you count the hours that you
have in bed – eight hours are best. Given these facts it is
easy to see that if you have to get up early some morning
then try to go to bed earlier the night before. Overall, it
does not make good sense to stay up late when you know you
have to arise extra early the next day.

In essence, it is healthy to eat fresh foods that you
prepare yourself.
Cook the food very little if any because
you need the life force and enzymes that are found naturally
stored in fresh live food. Commercially processed food does
not supply proper nutrition for your body.

Looking Forward to Life – It Shows in your Complexion. You
can look younger, feel healthier, and brighten the depth of
your spirit through simple, enjoyable methods.

Learn more about the subtle
properties of magnesium,
iodine, and water purification drops, the how basic steps
can make a world of difference in our lives.

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